Why Loyal Immersion

Loyal Immersion Cooling

Loyal immersion cooling formula offers a simple proven way to increase data center computing capacity while dramatically lowering your capital equipment and operating cost.

This technology two-phase immersion cooling with Loyal immersion cooling formula uses a simple design where component racks are completely submerged in a bath of Loyal immersion cooling formula a family of non-flammable non-ozone depleting and low global warming materials with excellent heat transfer properties.

How Loyal Immersion Cooling Formula Work

Essential Product for Bitcoin miners, Gamers, Overlockers, and companies with their own servers and data centers.

Loyal immersion cooling formula removes heat through direct contact with the component or other heat source raising the fluid to its boiling point the vapor generated condenses then falls back into the bath as a liquid no energy is needed to move the vapor and no chiller is needed for the condenser which is cooled by normal facility water components can be hot-swapped.

This innovative technique can reduce cooling energy costs by 48% compared to conventional air cooling but energy savings are only part of the story immersion cooling allows tighter packing of components enabling up to 100 kilowatts of computing power per square meter. Compared to just 10 kilowatts in a typical air-cooled system this means your facility can now be housed in just one-tenth the floor space that would normally be required in addition Loyal immersion cooling formula technology can significantly reduce water consumption.

Immersion Cooling Benefits

It presents a series of outstanding applications in various fields. The potential for impact on the radioactive balance in the atmosphere (i.e. climate change) is limited by a very short atmospheric life.

Better energy efficiency than air cooling

About 10X heat rejection capacity vs. air cooling

Less space required versus air cooling

Quiet Operation

Dielectric fluids are clean and make servicing or replacement of IT gear simple

Lowers or eliminates the use of water for outside heat rejection

Lower CAPEX than air cooling (per kW)

Lower TCO than air cooling (per kW)

Discover what Loyal can do for five different data center applications.

Loyal provides a range of benefits for various data center applications. Here are five examples:

Loyal can improve backup and recovery times by prioritizing data streams and reducing the number of data copies by using deduplication techniques.

For large-scale computing workloads, such as high-performance computing (HPC), Loyal provides an efficient way of processing large workloads and ensuring that all nodes are utilized effectively.

Loyal can improve virtualization performance by optimizing resource allocation and reducing resource contention, resulting in faster application response times and increased efficiency.

In web hosting, B-loyal can load-balance traffic across multiple servers, improving website response times and reducing server downtime.

In cloud computing, loyal can help to improve scalability, providing efficient resource allocation and ensuring that workloads are seamlessly migrated across different servers. This reduces costs and improves performance.

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